The fidelity of a dog is a precious gift demanding no less binding moral responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be. ~ Konrad Lorenz

The first 10 people will have no session fee!! (250.00 value)

  • We will come to you 
  • ​We offer Wall art or Folio Boxes
  • ​We offer Painterly Portraits (popular) 
  • We are dog lovers and trainers
  • ​We love all animals 
  • ​We would love to meet yours
  • Stacks for Breeding
  • ​Headshots
  • ​Casual 
If they would only live forever.  
Accidents, Sickness, Age its inevitable.  Lets celebrate their life today!
When you are ready you will receive:

❤️ Phone consultation to help us understand any limits your friend may have.

❤️A one hour session at a location of your choice (no session fee)

❤️ Folio Box  with up to 30 Matted 8x10 Prints or Painterly Print or Canvas.

❤️In Person Viewing & Selection of Portraits

❤️ USB with slide-show for purchases over 20 portraits

❤️ Puppucino Gift Card
  Are You Ready ?  
Let 's make every moment count.  During our session we can do whatever your baby is capable of.  Whether its a walk through a trail or just lounging on his favorite chair, we will capture his personality so you remember him forever.

What Happens Now?

Step 1

Complete the Form Above...

If you haven't already, fill out your details above. 

Look at your calendar, we book our clients quickly since many of clients are under a time crunch.

Step 2

Book Your Session

We will call you as soon as we receive your request.

Our appointments are based on urgency, please let us know if your friend has an upcoming Vet appointment for humane euthanasia. 

Step 3

Enjoy Your Experience....

 We want this to be a relaxed and meaningful time.

Please have your dog picture ready.

We will schedule a day to reveal  your printed 8x10 portraits  at which time you can choose which to add to your custom folio box. 
Or if your prefer choose our canvas wall art with or without a painterly finish. 

Painterly Canvas of Curt Schillings Rottweiler Bentley  

A little reminder of what you'll receive.

❤️ Phone consultation ❤️A one hour session❤️Customized Folio Box with room to fit 30 8x10 Portraits❤️Option for Painterly Canvas
❤️ Puppucino Gift Card | 864-735-7085 | 
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